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Planning a large overseas event

Planning a large overseas event

A successful overseas event requires careful planning. From destination weddings and plastic surgery to international business conferences, the fact is organising a big event abroad can be a logistical nightmare, not to mention expensive.

But by following the right strategy for planning your event, as well as paying for it, you can minimise a lot of stress. Services like Flash Payments make it easy to submit payments internationally from your bank account. Your currency is converted quickly and securely and can be tracked at any time online. And by using Flash Payments, you can save time and money, leaving more of your budget available for other important expenses.

What are my options for paying for my overseas event?

Bank-to-bank transfers

You can transfer money internationally online, via the pone or in person. Be advised, however, that banks are amongst the worst offenders when it comes to charges for overseas payments. High transfer fees and poor exchange rates make using your bank one of the most expensive options.

Online money transfer companies

These businesses operate exclusively online and specialise in foreign currency transfers. They generally require you to set up an account with them and then fund it with a bank transfer. Online money transfer companies offer better exchange rates, lower transfer fees and faster payment times than other providers.

Cash transfer companies

The most well-known cash transfer companies are Western Union and MoneyGram. They are touted for supporting cash pick-up, a convenient option for many looking to send money overseas. However, high transfer fees and really bad exchange rates regularly apply.

Credit card payments

Whilst handy in emergencies, using your Australian credit card to pay in foreign currency is not cost-effective. Currency conversion fees, poor exchange rates and high interest rates add up to big costs, meaning this form of payment should be an option of last resort.

How to save money on an overseas event

1. Don't make your payments using your bank or credit card

Banks typically charge a 5.0% margin on the foreign exchange rate in addition to high transaction fees. Credit card companies are similar, but with the potential to incur even higher foreign transaction charges. For transfers of bigger amounts, say a couple thousand dollars, these margins really can really eat into your budget. For example, on a transfer of $25,000 you would be paying $1,250 in foreign exchange margins alone!

2. Choose a specialist online transfer company

Online money transfer companies are typically your best option when you need to make international payments. They generally offer exchange rates that are much better than the banks and charge lower transfer fees, with some companies not charging any fees at all. These providers tend to provide more responsive customer service and offer speedier transfer times.

3. Look to pay your overseas operator directly

Using a specialist foreign currency provider like Flash Payments to pay your vendors directly is the absolute best way to save on an overseas event. With competitive exchange rates and zero transaction fees Flash Payments can help you save thousands of dollars on high-value transfers. Read more on why direct bank transfers are better here.

4. Slash travel costs where possible

From booking airline tickets in advance to travelling in the off-season, there are plenty of other ways to cut costs when planning an event from a foreign country. Get creative with ways you can save on hotels, accommodation, vendors etc. Consider hiring someone on the ground to help you. Locals tend to be well-versed on the ins and outs of the area and can recommend more affordable vendors or venues.

5. Shop around

Whether for a currency transfer service or for a vendor, make sure to take the time to compare your options. You'll be able to ensure significant savings by putting in that little bit extra work.

How can I use Flash Payments to pay for my overseas event?

  1. Collect all the relevant banking information for your recipient, including the name on the account, bank account number and local banking codes.
  2. Create a free account online with Flash Payments. Verification takes a couple of minutes and will require one or two personal identity documents - just so that we know that it's really you.
  3. Let us know how many Australian dollars you'd like to send and Flash Payments will show you a live exchange rate. If you're happy with the rate, accept the quote and enter your recipient's details.
  4. Confirm everything is OK and that's it! Leave the rest to us. Funds typically arrive within 1 business day, and Flash Payments lets you track your transfer every step of the way - just like a package.

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